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Common Sense Justice for Military Sex Offenses

Let’s keep this simple. Sex cases are purely difficult “he said, she said” affairs, usually with no way to prove the accusations except for the statements of each party. Therefore, establish a procedure with two civilian judges experienced in sex … Continue reading

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Redskins Controversy Harbors Deeper Threat to American Liberties

…we have a huge segment of our society that is totally clueless to our (American) founding concepts and the basis of our bill of rights. There is no way to preserve our constitutionally protected way of life when the citizens have no idea what that means and why or have been misled concerning proper interpretation of the constitution. Continue reading

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Obama Continues War on America – Attacks Arizona Sheriff’s Rights

The most important aspect here is that the constitutional powers of Congress or the Executive branch do not include any specific regulation of immigration and border control. The only power similar is the duty of Congress to deal with naturalization, … Continue reading

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Herman Cain demonized as Bigot over Muslim views

Mr. Robinson, you are myopically falling into a modern ideological trap. In your nearly “religious” fervor to extol first amendment protections, you have missed equally significant points in support of candidate Cain’s apparently conspiratorial ranting against Islam.
Moreover, when one examines Islam from a deeply spiritual aspect as Jesus taught, it will become readily apparent that the Muslim religion is far from a religion as defined by biblical principles. We have a deeply disturbing scenario of insideous Muslim subversion of our culture in full swing. Continue reading

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A Defense of the Founding Fathers

ABC’s John Donvan should study history a bit before airing in error concerning the founding fathers attitude toward women’s voting and slavery. One must take great care when assessing social dilemmas of centuries past, for those colonial leaders endured far too many pressures beyond our comprehension. Continue reading

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Wild West Justice?

Disgusted with the Casey Anthony Verdict? Why don’t we lobby for abolishing the jury system and try all criminals in a disgusting media circus? Continue reading

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