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Refuting the Liberal bias against Newt Gingrich

Mr. Robinson you make Obama proud. I am certainly not enamored with Newt, but you trash him for being shallow, yet this article contains 8 major points of disagreement with Gingrich that are equal to or shallower than that of which you accuse him. Moreover, my main point is not to defend Newt, but to expose your detrimental leftist bias tainted with cutesy personal denigration. A point-by-point review: Continue reading

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In Defense of Newt Gingrich

To be labeled as an “insider” has unfortunately and incorrectly become an indictment, as if purely being an insider is illegal or unethical. It is neither. It is only when an insider commits an illegal, unethical, or immoral act that they should be the subject of our disdain, accusations, or prosecution. Overall, people today have lost the ability to think for themselves …. Continue reading

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