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Another Independence Day & Another Step Closer To Tyranny

As I once again gazed upon last night’s dazzling pyrotechnic display, I was struck by the fact that most of those in the raucous crowd have no clue of how the booms and brilliant spark showers mask the disaster coming upon America. We are rapidly losing the cherished freedom those grandiose fireworks represent. Our government is out of control with maniacal spending, dishonesty, intrusive practices, and absurd policies that curb freedom and encourage debilitating socialism. These things are reprehensible; however, far more detrimental is the moral decay, loss of common sense, and historical ignorance of American citizens. Continue reading

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Liberal Whining & Hand-wringing Over Perceived Redskin’s Insult

Suggested Fox News headline: “American majority held hostage by offended minority”. We just cannot tolerate the racist Washington Redskin’s callous treatment of Native American’s sensitive feelings! Spare me, please. This ridiculous name change crusade is nothing more than limp-wrist liberal foolishness…. Continue reading

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The GOP a Danger to Democracy?

This is a response to Anne Applebaum’s  03 October 2013 Washington Post Opinion article, “The GOP endangers democracy”. Article link: Ms. Applebaum dismisses the GOP as an angry minority threatening the foundations of democracy. Please spare me. I recall … Continue reading

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Obama Attempts Repeat of 1800’s Japanese Gun-Boat Diplomacy Folly

This is a response to Eugene Robinson’s wayward Washington Post article, “The Syria question Congress must answer”. Article link: Get real Eugene, the Syrian rebels are violating the Geneva Convention with humiliating & grotesque executions of Syrian soldiers, so … Continue reading

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Lunatics Advocate Backing Disastrous Syrian Strikes

This is a response to Michael Gerson’s absurd Washington Post article, “A stand for Syria — and Obama”. Article link: Michael, your argument is patently absurd and totally erroneous. For congress to approve of Obama’s planned disastrous Syrian caper … Continue reading

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Obama fans racial strife flames in recent speech

This is a response to President Obama’s 19 July 2013 speech, “Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin” Link:   Overall, this speech is a commendable carefully crafted consolation offering for the Black community, but the extreme bias in … Continue reading

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The Real Obama Flag

Check out the realistic Obama flags as opposed to the defiled American flag with Obama’s image in pl.ace of the stars. Continue reading

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