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Time for Truth – American Democratic Process is Failing

…little progress has been achieved in the last 30 years to return to the American founding principles, the trumpet must sound and the horses must ride. There are thousands of bloggers spewing warnings, untold numbers of armchair patriots tweeting their alarmist 140’s, and nearly a church on every corner yet the rising tide of immorality, government corruption, and erosion of our cherished freedom continues unabated. We need to get out from behind our anonymity and comfort at the computer and commit to the same high risk action that our founding fathers took to gain their freedom and ours. Every day that we sit tweeting or blogging, though that is part of patriotism, we come closer to the fall of America. Our founders wrote and spoke until blue in the face before they realized the futility of change in that manner. We need to plan, organize, and act before it is too late for action. Continue reading

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Tea Party Trips, Spills Its Bags in the Harbor

An April 26, 2014 Washington Post article by Matea Gold aggressively casts the Tea Party into Boston Harbor with an alarming disclosure of apparent mismanagement and wasteful spending that borders on cavalier misconduct. Article link: It sets a terrible example … Continue reading

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