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Eva urges my readers when commenting, to keep it clean, honorable, informative, and intelligent.

I hold quite dear our American freedom of speech; therefore, no censorship of dissenting opinion occurs on my blog site; however, I ask that you refrain from needless profanity or inflammatory rhetoric.  Please initiate a sincere attempt at respectable debate, utilizing common sense thought, and strive for relevant argument. Nothing is more detrimental to productive dialogue than disregard for these guidelines.

My blog site may have a problem in that if you are not careful how you reply, it will end up in spam which most of the comments find as a temporary home. Most all have been favorable, so I tried approving them, but WordPress threatened to cancel my service if I continued approving spam.(talk about freedom of speech?) I have tried to solve the issue with them, but I do not understand their process. Some respondents have found the way to comment properly, so I trust that you have the wherewithal to do so as well.

The Word Guru



3 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. Jessica says:

    You seem to be trying too hard to be a ‘guru’ with your big words. Reminds me of my overly verbose poetry when I was a teenager. Stop trying so hard to sound smart and important, just say what you mean.

    • Jerry Clifford says:


      I appreciate your comment, but you have a minority view. Just because you don’t understand it or don’t like it means not that it is wrong or is as improper as you claim.

      Best regards, Jerry

      Jerry Clifford Professional Management Solutions Southwestern America 340-690-3459

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